A photographic story…..

I’ve got to admit, I am terrible at capturing my own special life events on camera. However this is a conscious decision and I’ve always been the same, I want to LIVE IT, not photograph it. Being a photographer this is a constant conflict in my mind, because I’d love to have the photographic artifact to hold and keep forever, and sometimes I beat myself up over it, but when it comes down to it my desire to be ‘in the moment’ wins every time.

For me there is a time and a place for pointing a camera, a gig isn’t one of them, neither is a romantic moment, nor is it when you are laughing and playing with your children on the beach….EXPERIENCE IT!!!! But when it comes to the observation of other people I’m there!! Camera at the ready! Here is one special moment that I managed to capture for my sister, the birth of her son George….it was a bit of a complicated labour, but it had a wonderful happy ending….

GeorgeGeorge-2George-8Goerge skin touch upGeorge-11George-17Annie&George!George-24George-31